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Sep 2, 2005
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Meet thread here. - Note: DaBoom and MXM have already been on the Austrian slopes during Friday, I joined them a day later:

Saturday, February 28th 2015 (Day 1/3)

In the morning, on my way to the meeting-up point in St. Christoph am Arlberg:

Arrived. (Note random BMW i8)

Meet the Finns: MXM (left), DaBoom (right)

Taking in the scenery...

...because the scenery was great: :cool:

A few rides later, MXM got banned to his own chair: :p

Only the uppermost station was still shrouded in clouds, the rest was under blue sky:

King of the hill. Owner of the land. Master of the domain. :lol:

During lunch break, DaBoom took on the further planning...

...while MXM had more important things to do: ;)

(In all fairness, it has to be said: MXM is on an advanced beginner level while DaBoom and I are quite seasoned and therefore quite quick on the slopes. - This resulted in the fact that we two faster ones had always nice pauses while we waited for MXM to catch up, and of course as soon as he joined up we would drive on... hence we stayed quite rested while he had not much chance to do so. - No wonder he got more tired than us.)

Hello! :mrgreen:

Last downhill of the day, the town of St. Christoph already back in sight:

It has been a damn fine day, plenty of hours on the slopes. - MXM and DaBoom had Beni's golden chariot to travel around:

We drove back to Arzl, a small Austrian town were the two Finns had a litte self-caterer flat, while poor me had to do with a suberb hotel room, breakfast buffet and access to a large wellness area. :p

More to come, stay tuned.
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DaBoom looks weird with the longer hair and the beard.
His hair/beard are pretty much guaranteed to be different every time you meet him or see new photos of him. Because DaBoom.

Nice shots. So jealous.
This was fun, but I'm glad this was just a 3 day vacation for me!

The combined effect of not having a proper technique or physical endurance, thin air, and having never been on a slope longer than 700m or so, made this quite exhausting. Saturday had beautiful and very scenic weather (as seen on lip's pics), but the slopes were a bit challenging due to lots of humps. The slopes on Sunday were much better for my level, but the nearly total whiteout was a weird experience. Couldn't tell if I'm standing or moving at some points.

Nevertheless, most of it was quite enjoyable, and something to do again for sure. I think I had some progress under the expert supervision of DaBoom and lip, sorry I caused you to wait so much ;) We totally need a bigger group, so the faster people can go on their way.
Or a slow old fart to keep you company.
Or someone that never even seen snow his entire life. :p
The visibility on Sunday, as seen from my arm-mounted camera. Featuring lip, if you can find him there :lol:

I think so.....

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Sunday, March 1th, 2015 (Day 2/3)

New day, new location (Pitztal Gletscher). Sadly new weather too. No blue sky anymore, just grey on grey...

...and snowfall on the uppermost stations. - But anyway, we were here to for skiing and that's what we did. - Btw, snowboarders, eh? When not driving they have to either sit down...

... or lean on things. ;)

During lunch break my compagnions already made faces when I took pictures :lol: ...

... so I went and took a pic of a Swiss dude I met in a washroom. ;)

But regardless of the weather, again we were here for skiing and that's what we did. - On the top station the wind was quite forcefull, but a bit lower down the slopes were fine and even in perfect condition. - Still a fun day.

More to come, stay tuned.
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The views from the first day are breathtaking.
This winter, I tried for the first time a winter sport(snowboarding) and got really hooked on it. I should also try skying to see which I prefer.
Monday, March 2th, 2015 (Day 3/3)

MXM had to travel homewards today, so in the morning I drove him to the train station in Imst. - But DaBoom and I still had a day for skiing and we went to the next location (K?htai). - And while it was raining down in the "green" valley...
aa__20_.JPG didn't took long until we were back in the snow. Btw, that white BMW infront of us soon got stuck with his rear wheels spinning. Time for chains, eh? - While we both had AWD and simply drove around him. :p

...soon we were in winter wonderland again...

...and the climbing up became quite the fun adventure:
- 02:01, official checking out the cars, because only cars with eiter snow chains or AWD (with winter tires) were allowed to drive on further. (See blue sign at 02:05)
- Also you can hear me laugh sometimes during the video at DaBoom sliding it around in the Subaru. :lol:

Arrival at K?htai. Not much to see here...

While DaBoom had to make do a detour to get all his stuff (thehe), first I went to a shop and bought a scarf: You see, I'm a blue sky ski-man. I live only about 50 minutes away from the nearest Swiss ski arena and so my way of skiing is to look up the forecast and the webcams in the morning and if it's sunny I go, if it's overcast or snowing I do something else. So altough I go skiing one or two days every weekend during the winter I'm not used to bad weather on the slopes. I don't even own ski glasses. :cool:

Regardless of that, as soon as DaBoom was back from his detour (thehe), we hit the slopes. And then the wind hit us. :lol:

And so I was forced to go to the shop again, to buy me some pro ski glasses. - And then when I asked DaBoom to take a pic of me, I was explaining "no, don't take a vertical picture, don't hold the photo cam like a phone..." *click*... damn, too late:

:rolleyes: :lol:

Btw, the Austrian Police, ready for everything. :D

Yep, really not much to see, but hey, didn't stop us.

At one point high up on a exposed ridge the wind drove the snow in such a way over the ground that my senses told me I was still driving but in reality I was actually standing still. So I simply fell on my ass like a drunk, completely confused by the whiteout. :lol: - Did happen a second time too during the day. A very strange sensation. - But hey, as said I'm a blue sky ski man. Or was, until today. ;)

During the last rides of the day, DaBoom tried to sell me the Northern Roadtrip again, with very convincing arguments like "if you book now the ferry is cheaper", and he told me about the beautiful landscape in Finland. Clever man.

Still, I'm leaning more towards the smaller roadtrip.

But hey, every day comes to an end. Packing stuff up, saying goodbye and then the drive homewards. (Was only about 180km from there to my homeplace).

It has been great, and for sure I will be back next year. You can count on this.
And while I'm writing these lines, DaBoom is still on the slopes (until Friday I believe).

Greetings, lip
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Mikko, how was the weather for the rest of your time?
Depending on a day, better and worse that we had on the weekend. I'll post some pictures, more video and some stories at some point, but it's irritating to write with a broken hand. Just shows that I shouldn't be left alone on the slopes when the weather is great. :p

But for now, here's some footage from Wednesday. Ended up being the final run of the trip, as the weather was so bad on Thursday, that I didn't even bother. Especially with a broken hand (mind you, I broke it Tuesday morning, didn't stop me doing two more days).

edit: For those not opening it on youtube; That was the best visibility for the day at the start, getting to the "normal" state at around 2.50. And because of that I missed the slope at 4.05. Had to follow others after that, as it was the first time doing that slope for me and I had no idea where it was going, and at which angle.
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You broke your hand!? - Wow. Damn. :|

I've never broken a bone, not even sprained something, so I have no idea how much a broken bone will hurt, but I bet it's a killer. Sheesh.

Would love to see some pics and more videos. - But take your time. Hope your hand will be allright soon.
More videos, as uploading is more convenient than typing. :p

Since I started from last day of the trip in the previous post, things might not be in chronological order.

The first place we went to, with MXM

St Anton slope conditions

So might as well stay away from them. :)

Then, some lip chasing footage

And then, back to day 1. Probably the best run I had on the trip. Visited some woods and missed the slope a bit. Ended with ~20min hike back. :D
I still have to laugh at 5:50 in the last video: first you are standing on your board, but a second later you are hanging on your board. :lol: