Planning a UK Trip


Oct 24, 2010
I'm looking to spend a good 2-3 days in the UK next year as a part of a trip I am planning. Any suggestions what to hit up in the limited time I have there?

I was thinking maybe doing a factory tour and visiting the top gear test track (not sure if it's even open to the public). I won't be there for long through since I'm trying to also fly to Germany for about 3-4 days (Nurburgring, Porsche or BMW factory tours). Has anyone made a trip like this recently? Tips or things to avoid?
Visiting the TG track is difficult as they only rent it for the show; its not just open to the public and is often a working aerodrome. I'd advise not to bother; its a long way away from much else.

Factory tours might be a better bet; Bentley, Morgan, Jaguar, Land Rover, MG, Mini all advertise them - others maybe send them an email. Smaller companies like Caterham and Ariel may be happy to show you round anyway. Make sure you know the locations of all these places; JLR, MG, Mini etc are all in the same area around Birmingham, but Bentley is further north and Morgan west. There are others though.

If you're in Germany definitely visit the Porsche, Mercedes and BMW factories as well as the Ring.
Good luck getting in to Porsche, you have to book months in advance, well worth it if you can.