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My original Elite system got the RROD after about 18 months. Took it back to Best Buy on their warranty plan and got it replaced. This one has been solid. In light of the new Slim being out, I hope this one doesn't RROD...[/sarcasm]

They took out the red lights, so it can't!
Would any of you guys happen to have an Xbox Live trial code? The reason I ask is that I moved out in the middle of nowhere a few months ago, and, as a result, I don't have very reliable internet, so I just let my Gold XBL subscription expire awhile back. However, I'm supposed to be getting some better internet hooked up soon, but I'd really like to test it out on XBL before I fork out the money for a subscription because I'm not sure if the internet will be good enough.

So if you have a code to share, please shoot me a PM. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. :)
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Also, if your gold supscription is about to run out, let it. Cancel automatic renewal. When I did this I got a $1/month deal on the Xbox dashboard. Let it run out again, $2/2 months. I would have tried again but my brother added a card without checking first.
In the USA there will be a free live weekend from July 13 - 16.
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For those of you in the USA that have a One, Forza 5 is free to download with an active gold account.
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