Please Avatar makers (GIF requests)

thanks for the link Genick :thumbsup:

here's the best i could come up with


it's not completely seamless because the camera is slightly zooming in on the beginning, but i couldn't be bothered to arange each single frame to get rid of this
Don't mean to be a begger. But could you please do an avatar of the italian forklift from cars. Either the one where he keeps pushing the tyres up straight and the sign knocks them down (24:42) or when hes bouncing up and down when Lightning is about to race Doc (43).
use virtualdub to cut the segment you want (go to edit-> set selection start/end, file -> save segmented .avi) and compress the resulting (huge) file with autogk (options: no audio, custom size = 10mb)
here's my first try :) please tell me if that's ok or not


p.s. @matt2000 you're using the wrong banana :p

Here are a couple of my attempts:

The first is from TG S8 E04 and is Richard driving Jeremy's "cottage"

The second is Jeremy from the beginning of Speed
Well, I would really appreciate it if one of you awesome fellows could help me with an avatar from this video:

from about 3:53 - 4:01, if it is possible to fit that to under 100kb.
if not, 3:53-3:57 would work as well. :)

it's very hard to compress explosions
anyway here's my try