Please Avatar makers (GIF requests)

wow, perfect.

thanks a lot :)
im having trouble with ulead gif animator 5. when i open a video file, and it shows all the frames and what not, the video dosnt fit in the frames, the vid is bigger than the frame. how do i fix this?
it's very hard to compress explosions
anyway here's my try



love it again Fluke. i had a go at this exact clip, but i couldn't compress it enough, so i couldn't use it:mad: loks like you were luckier than me :D

edit: brain bypass... so you split it into 2 seperate ones... i didn't
thanks :) and yes it was hard to get those into 100kb
i ended up using just 16 colors for the first gif :rolleyes:
anyways why does peroduarocks have one being blown up? :lol:

Let's just say my love of Peroduas has an...erm...cynical side :-D
Can someone please make a gif for me from episode Top Gear - 2x02 - 05.18.2003 of the BMW m3 from about 42:17 - 42:22.
Thanks in advance! :)
i can't squeeze the whole scene into one avatar and unfortunately the sourcefile has italian subtitles :cry:



tell me if that's ok and i'll do them again when i find this episode without subtitles :)
The second one would be great if you included the m3 badge shown just a second before it! :D
like this ?

Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to make an animated sig?
(animated just like an avatar?)
Just for fun, I made two animated gifs (usable as avatars) from the current ep: