Please Avatar makers (GIF requests)

From 0:11 to 0:17:59 something. :D And the size, well, the biggest legal size that's allowed here.
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like this ?

the next time please tell me in advance what size you want ;)
Sorry but that's far too long for the 100kb limit.
I tried to use just the hammond accident but even that is still about 4x bigger than allowed. :(
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Can somebody create a GIF of these two pictures?


Sorry for the delay but i had a busy week

unfortunately the images don't line up properly so i made it switch slowly
I didn't realize anyone here was still making avatars. Thanks fluke!

Can somebody make one for 1:08 to 1:13? Where Steve McQueen pops a wheelie.

can smomeone make a .gif out of
top gear season 6 ep 2 = 1'55" to 1'57". the part where JC is in the Maserati 250f and waves to the camera.

for BlaRo

for Lander
Can something be made from this?
like this ?