Please Avatar makers (GIF requests)

@fluke : thx for the avatar
Can somebody make one for 50.29 to 50.31? Where the Audi Quattro started.

More Thanks :)
I found this picture today, and as soon as I saw it I thought it'd be a great candidate for a "deal with it" gif. Just an idea...

Could someone please make an avatar-sized gif of the bear in this video?

Eternal thanks in advance to anyone who could make this happen!

it doesn't look very nice but here you go
for Lander

Could someone make that, but have him pull away and leave the scene as well?
GIF makers!

22-25sec in this vid pleeeease :)

Avatar sized, if possible.
I was looking at my Miata avatar this morning and it suddenly struck me how much better it would look of the wheels were actually turning.

Is that possible and would one you generous FGers be willing and able to help please?

^^Yes, but I'd need a bigger version of the pic; if I try it with the one in your avvie it's too pixelated to work with. Have you got the original, or a link to it? If not I can go on a hunt, but I may not get it done till the end of the week, so if someone else gets there first, then fine!
I nicked it from the Squash Cars thread from 5 years ago.

This is the original......

Artists of Final Gear. An F1 race has been held in Germany recently, as you may have heard. In the race a Renault once again became an airliner. We now need a new gif honouring this moment. Troll face and close enough face included. ( See Petrov space flight gif. ) We're not talking avatars here, just a nice, large gif.

I will provide material if needed. The person that seals the deal shall be showered in green.
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Can somebody resize me please, I forgot to save it.


Can someone do this please? Thanks!
bump for this thread!
would any of you kind souls be able to resize this down to 150p wide?
I will give you an internet fist bump! :)