Please Post HTTP Downloads (Method Explained)

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Dec 26, 2010
I know how to download torrents in normal HTTP downloads, and i think it would be a FANTASTIC addition to this website, rather than having to torrent.

Step 1: Go to [removed]

Step 2: Search for something (e.g. [removed])

Step 3: Check if its Furk Verified (this is the symbol your looking for [removed])

Step 4: Click on that little picture (e.g. [removed])

Step 5: Copy the link of the download button [removed]

Step 6: Copy that into the address bar, but DONT go to that URL yet, if you do it will take you to a log in page. (e.g. [removed])

Step 7: find the lower case "r" in the URL [removed].......

Step 8: Change this to a capital "R" [removed].......

Step 9: Goto the URL and start your download (e.g. [removed])


The Only Very Slight Problem (Can Be solved)

You can only download 2 downloads per 24 hours from an IP, This is solved by either using a proxy website, or (what I do) using a program called Proxy Switcher. The reason i use proxy switcher is because most proxy's wont let you download files. Use the proxy's with the lowest response (ping) to get the best performance ;)

Proxy Switcher Download: [removed]
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