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PLEASE READ - Offsite avs will no longer be allowed


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Sep 21, 2003
Portland, Oregon
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Okay, this is fair notice: Offsite avatars will be no longer allowed starting.... 7 days from now.

Please check your avatar and double check that it's hosted here, otherwise once I disable offsite avatars, you'll have no avatar until you reupload it here.

I'm doing this because some people have been having avatars that are too large in filesize (current limit is 500KB, if you can't get it smaller than that, comon...) and due to slow servers and whatnot.

And yes, I know about the poll results in this thread, but I'm deciding to make an executive decision here. Sorry, but in the long run, it'll be worth it. ;)
BTW, why not reduce the Avatar size to say 100 or 150k? That's pleanty enough for a 150x150 image. A lot of people have slow dsl or monthly download limits (I'm luckily not among them). So if everyone would have a .5mb avatar, browsing through a single page in a thread would mean downloading 5-10mb of avatars only which is complete waste of connection resources.
Personally I hate those animated .gifs... But I guess, some people are REALLY unwilling to give them up...

But something like 200 kb should suiffice for most...
After all, Vipers only 207 kb big ;-)

500kb limit for 150x150 avatar :bangin: So that makes the limit for a sig like 1MB+? :shock:

Nah 300 tops should do it. GIFS are aight in my books just so long as they'r small like yours Viper.
500kb seems awfully big - what about 250kb? Even then it's only the animated gifs that would be a problem (like Buba I'm not a big fan of them - especially if they're ~500kb and there's several different ones in a page I'm viewing)

Aw Kip - you got rid of the cute widdle bunny-wunny :(

andyhui01 said:
yes because yours is 600+ kb

Who's is? Kip's is 6kb.
sigs are a much bigger issue in terms of bandwidth wasting...
gah, fine, avatars haven't been slow for me, but i'll put my 4KB avatar on this site instead of using my own bandwidth for the thousands of views it gets. :-(
You bunch of whiners... :roll:

To quote myself:
here[/url], ]Firefox + Adblock = Leave my favorite forum the way it is. :)

Come on now. Most of us here use this forum between 350 Mb downloads. Who here is still on dial-up really ? ! ? :lol:

Do what you want but I'm keeping my avatar, it's only 100*100 and 11.79 Ko (12072 octets) "big". :lol:
Buba said:
Personally I hate those animated .gifs... But I guess, some people are REALLY unwilling to give them up...


(and pdanev should change his one :| , i always think he's bihus :cry: )