Pls increase hotlinked photo resolution to 1600px on the longest side

The forum already supports uploading big photos, you just can't insert them in a post that wide because the page container isn't that wide. This is 1920x1080 as large as it will allow:

I'd be all for increasing the maximum width of the forum container because it only takes up about half of my UHD screen, I'm not sure we need massive images though. They just take up too much space. Most of the images I post are hosted on my own web space so I have control over them, I just link to the full image with a 1024px thumbnail. This is the code I post, made from the image URL using a Notepad++ macro:

[URL=*IMAGEURL*][IMG width="1024px"]*IMAGEURL*[/IMG][/URL]

Which produces this:

If you still want to attach images, delete it once it appers in the post, then click on the attachment below the post and the full-sized image will open. You can then populate my code with the internal URL. This is the uploaded image from the top, made to fit with a 1024px thumbnail.

I use 350px thumbnails when I have lots of images, made from another macro.
Is there any chance that the forum UI be updated by relocating objects on the left side of the screen like the member's
- avatar
- username
- membership status
- join date
- posts
to the top part of the post?
This frees up the space on the left for more space for larger photos that can be as wide as 1600px.
I tampered with the max width, but it seems to throw off a few page elements. I'll see if I can set a user-entered variable to limit how far the page can expand.
Given that this isn't primarily a photography forum, I don't mind the bits to the side? Makes it easier to see who's saying what at a glance.