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Apr 5, 2006
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Now that my brother gave me his iPad, I wanted to get some recommendations for some good podcasts. I already subscribed to NPR's Car Talk, since I don't typically get a chance to listen to it on the weekend.

So what are your favorites?
I keep up with mostly Autoblog and No Agenda. BBC news, and Car Cast are good ones too.
I do Autoblog in print on my RSS feed and I downloaded the BBC app. I'll check out No Agenda and Car Cast.
Motorcycles, cars, science, tech.

My RSS feeds are:
American Motorcyclist
Ars Technica
That Will Buff Out
Zero Punctuation
Penny Arcade

and a couple others I read less regularly.

I'm also interested in what other people listen to, I might find something I didn't know I liked.
I regularly listen to:
Hoonicast (with our very own BlaRo!)
And a bunch of things spoken in Pt-Br that you wouldn?t understand. :p
Petros and Money
Dan Patrick
Bear Down Podcast
B.S. Report w/Bill Simmons
Sklarbro Country

Adam Carolla Podcast
Greg Fitzsimmons Experience
WTF with Marc Maron
The Nerdist
Doug Loves Movies
Jay and Silent Bob Get Old
How Did This Get Made?

The Film Vault
Ace on the House
I regularly listen to:
Hoonicast (with our very own BlaRo!)
And a bunch of things spoken in Pt-Br that you wouldn?t understand. :p
It features Blake and yours truly, with a bunch of other fun people talking about cars from the mundane to the bizarre. We talk about everything from dream salt flats cars to cars we'd reincarnate in the modern age (think Mustang SVO with an Ecoboost V6), shows we've covered all the way to our first driving experiences (and even Blake's vending machine-made pizzas). It's a lot of fun to make, and that comes through in the podcast, I think. Check it out and let me and Blake know what you think.
Thanks for the recommendations everyone, I think I have enough to waste several hours a week.
The podcast is more than what is in print.

Indeed, it's really interesting, and hilarious at times.

Cnet's Car Tech podcast has to be my favorite.

Brian Cooley ftw.

As for others I listen to:

Dialed In
This is my next podcast (temporary podcast from all the people who left Engadget to start a new site)
Engadget podcast
engadget mobile podcast
android central podcast
Windows Weekly
Macbreak Weekly
Linux Outlaws
This Week in Computer Hardware
The 404 - not really tech..ish...oh well its more pop culture/tech than anything else
Tech News Today - Couldn't stand the "new" Buzz Out Loud format, as much as I loved Molly on Gadgettes, I miss the "original three"

I'm pretty sure there's more haha...
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