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Elected Franklin Tennessee alderman Gabrielle Hanson is running for Mayor.

On her campaign website she had a photo “These are all my friends that have relocated to Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin, and they all support me.”
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Except this isn't of of people in Tennessee

Her campaign manager the unhinged Erin Mazzoni responded

Hanson and Mazzoni suggested NewsChannel 5's questions amounted to "stalking."

"This is not appropriate towards a woman"

Candidate Hanson again changed her story.

"They live all over the country, and we get together very regularly," she said.

Except the women in the photo said they don't know her or support her campaign much less friends.

Campaign manager Mazzoni suggested candidates can say anything on social media because first amendment. She is known for opposing recognizing and placing markers of lynchings and for this dramatic revelation that Bucks County has been decimated.

View: https://x.com/CalltoActivism/status/1701410082427380036?s=20

Bucks Country, Pennsylvania


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