Pop vs everything else - what do you call it?

Pop vs everything else - what do you call it?

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La Chaton

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Jun 23, 2008
New York State, USA
Umm.. the imaginary one in my mind
FYI, it's Pop.

I was in the carbonated beverages thread and was wondering about all the different names and which are the most popular, and where they're used.

So, I say pop and I'm from New York state (not the city though, I think people there may say Soda).

Sorry if I missed any, you have to tell me if I did so I can keep a list:

fizzy drink
soft drink
It's a pop can, so pop.
we just use the brand name, ie coke, pepsi, fanta, sprite
This probably doesn't matter, since we don't speak english here :), but it's called virvoitusjuoma here, which translates roughly to refreshment drink. Usually it's just called limu, which is short from limonaadi or lemonade in english.
Just like Noodle said we use the brand name too... But then again we don't speak english either so it doesn't really matter.
Here's a handy map for the U.S. regions:



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It's soda plain and simple. I was surprised when I was up north and everyone called it pop. But my grandpa used to call it "sodie-pop".
They're fizzy drinks (or soft drinks, occasionally).

'Coke' is used for any brown fizzy drink, you may well ask for coke and get a pepsi in return in a bar.
Soda here, but I voted for coke because we usually either just say "Get me a soda" or "Get me a <insert name of product here>". I also just refer to it generically as "drink", like "I need a drink".

I need a root beer.

Btw Jeffy I think you just \threaded it with your post :thumbsup:
Pop. According to wooflepoof, I am now a commie.

You forgot "pap" for the US forum members :p

Dude, that's nasty...sounds like pap smear. Soda is the way we say it in California AFAIK, pop sounds like you're from Missouri, Coke is what idiots from the South say, and fizzy drink sounds extremely gay.
I call it pop. I would call it "fizzy drink" but people would look at me funny. And I would gladly call it all "Coke" if I received a monetary compensation every time I used the term (and if Coke didn't taste so damn nasty).
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Looks like there are more terrorists here than anyone else<_<

Osama calls it pop
We call it "pop" over here. Nobody I know calls it "soda" or anything else. That's why we all look at people who call it "soda" funny.