Pop vs everything else - what do you call it?

Pop vs everything else - what do you call it?

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I really don't care. I'm an idiot, I'm in the South. It works. :p

EDIT: Maybe I should've added a smiley to my last post, as I wasn't being serious. I just call it coke, most people here call it coke. Or maybe I should just leave and go to bed.

I knew you weren't serious. I was acknowledging myself as one of those idiots :lol:
Here it's called 'sodavand', so that would translate to 'soda water' or something like that, I've always been confused by all those wierd names for it that doesn't make sence.
I always call it pop or fizzy pop, and I always have.;)
Though as I am originally from Scotland I would also call it Juice or Ginger. I know, I know it's not juice but that is the Scottish (or at least Edinburgh) generic term for any soft drink.
I'm more of an alt. rock fan myself.

Oh, wait. Sorry

I used to call it pop, but now I'll just call it coke, pepsi, cola or lemonade or whatever.