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Porsche 911 killed :(


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Feb 3, 2005
This is part of a episode, it shows a nice-looking Porsche 911 being killed by Jeremy Clarkson. What in the name of God was that about?! Did they really finish a running 911?!


Couldn't find any old posts and we only get half a show at BBC World. Love the show though. If there is a another thread, my apologies.
I think it's Outrageous Clarkson or something like that where he kills it, he really doesn't like them - lol

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Its really funny when they make him repair that wall...

I love the fact he bangs on about it still going after he runs head first into a building... he does realise the engine is in the back yeah?? I mean it'd be like reversing a front engined car into the buidling and saying... look!! it just keeps going!! haha
I was driving behind a porsche this morning and he was racing a Megane Diesel, so we had a big turn before we entered the highway and it was kinda slippery.
I saw from a distance that the porsche was really drifting and I thought, that is going to end in the ditch...and suddenly it flipped around, the porsche was facing me! I did about 60-70kmh I pissed my pants but I laughed at him so hard he even stalled the engine :lol:
Leppy do you think anyone will ever buy that top gear 924?

Not by anyone who watched that top gear episode haha...

Cause if you did you would know that a wheel is about to come off at any moment... (unless they ended up fixing that wheelbearing haha)
would have been interesting to see what damage (if any) the acid did when he poured it onto the air vent to the engine.....