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porsche classic videos

the answer is simple

The movie you're watching is a Flash thing. (*.swf)
You right click in the popup window (not ON the movie), you select 'page source'
You try to find the filename (porschemovie.swf or whatever)
You put the filename in the URL, and you have got the file. You can download that with a download manager I suppose...

so for example:

I know, it's flash, but it's a solution anyways :)

edit: i didn't explain it very well, if you don't get it, i can try to explain it better ;)
:woot: thanks Jensked, I've never noticed this

Do you think it's possible to make this .swf thing become an .avi or .wmv thing ?
if you're using firefox, there's an easier way to find a vid inside a page

go to extra - page-info
select tab media, and look in the list for sth with type = "embed". that'll be the vid you're looking for.

i do it like this all the time if a vid from big-boys.com or sth is posted