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Porsche Impression Chop


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Oct 4, 2004
Did this for anothe ps contest. Dunno what result i'll get with this, competition closes only at the end of the month.

The task was to make a crossover, SUV vs Coupe with the following conditions. The suv look had to remain, meaning no low profile tires, and no extreme lowering. Furthermore, tuning was not allowed, and the car had to preserve a factory look.

So, here goes my first attempt for an impression chop. (The chop does contain a few mistakes - hopefully noone will spot them :p , but i really lost interest in doing the chop as time passed on, so i wrapped it up as it was.)





Chop in super high resolution - 3200x2400px (had to bring down the quality a bit cos imageshck can host only 1mb files):


Comments, criticism, suggestions, opinion.. :think:
I hate it. :lol:

The quality is nice though. One thing you forgot about is the lightning condition of the front left tyre. You should have darkened the part right under the car a bit.
^ dont c what you mean, ligthing is sorta perpendicualr to the car, and the front left tire is almost identical to the orignal. at least you didnt spot other mistakes (or maybe didnt want to comment on them :lol: )
Should have been the right tyre sorry.

It's this area I mean. It's way to bright.
^^^ swek, ah yeah, didnt forget about that, just didnt feel like doing it :)

^^ jensked, nope, the lights on porsche are really weird, a move away a bit from head-to-head view, and they look different. check out the original, and some other porsche pictures as well ;)
wow, I'm really impressed, I think the tires/rims on your chop look more realistic than the original.

But I think Swek is right on the lighting bit, especially if you compare it with the original.
^----ummm thn i would thinnk u have the worst motoring taste :p