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Porsche RST

damn this car rocks! lol

when i saw it i said, wow, i wanna rock, ROCK! lol

i doubt TG will test this, how many tuners have they tested/showed :wink:
wow how did u manage to use all that space for that LONG list :wink:

porsche turbo with 750BHP and a 850 BHP version on the way... officially clocked at 231 Mph at Nardo. Next version should do 250...

Edit 1: Oh yeah and the engine in it needs a complete rebuild evry 12000 miles so not a cheap car.
pfff...that's nuthn :lol:

I'm only saying this cuz I had an interresting conversation with a guy I met last night through a friend of mine. And his bro owns a 993, completely custom built. They have expanded the engine-room with ca. 6 cm to fit the block, and could go on and on about it-he kept me amused for hrs. last night. Basically to shut me up, he told me that on full "boost-pressure" (help me with the word I'm looking for..) from the turbo, (which is he said 1 kg :shock: , didn't even know that was possible!) it produces 1.200 bhp 8) :lol: :shock:
(At track days, they supposedly have to replace every "moving" parts, as they have been shaken to bits..)

I told him that I had a hard time believing him, and that I had to check this for myself. So, if my friend with the Celica GT4 Carlos S. edt. is up for it - we will be heading to the forrest (they're of course farmers these crazy kids) to check his car and other collection.

The funny thing is-his father is the town sherif :lol: :lol: :lol:

Will most def give an update with pics. if possible ...

It's is definetly possible to get 1,200BHP out of a well engineered engine (especially if it's a 993 block). Supras and Skylines for example can handle the stress of 1000+ BHP. All you need is a strong block and some ridiculously large turbos - you'll have to rebuild the engine quite frequently (as that guy said) - but 1000+ BHP is quite attainable. :)

Things are obviously more complicated than that, but in the drag racing scene it's not that uncommon to see 1000+ BHP Supras, Skylines, Vipers... heck, even Mustangs.