News: Porsche Taycan (aka: former Mission E)

I would much rather they kept the same ride height and did away with the SUV-ness of it. Not every long-roof has to be a crossover/SUV.
I think that part was very intentional. Here, it appeals to those who want's not only a wagon style Taycan, but something slightly more rugged, so that it can deal with the "roughish" gravel road that many (wealthy) people have to their mountain and/or seaside cabins. If it wasn't for this, they may have just made a Sport Turismo, like the Panamera.

I hate the ride height but damn that green is so fucking sexy.
Yes, I did see one in that "mamba green" color a while back, and I did stop to look at it:
EPA rate base model at 200 miles
For some reason the EPA-ratings of the Taycan are super pessimistic. Inside EVs managed to get almost 300 miles out of the base Taycan (with the performance battery pluss)

Also, Teslabjørn managed to get 580 km out of the Taycan 4S with performance battery pluss and the smaller wheels:
I just realized that the "active lifestyle" version of the Taycan got a bigger suspension raise than my car did. :LOL:
Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo
Love to see one decrossed and lowered 20mm.

Jonny and Plato drive Taycan Cross Turismo
Built customer cars are starting to trickle into dealerships in Europe and the USA slowly.

Here's a CT 4S in Volcano Grey at some dealership in Manchester, UK, the same color that I ordered. I think it looks great, very excited for mine.




In addition to production completed, my order is now marked as 'Ready for Transport' to the German port of Emden where it'll be loaded on a boat.


However Im not getting my hopes up too soon for a speedy delivery, this is the ugly reality with the shortages affect new car production and delivery:

I saw my first TCT in the flesh at Circle Porsche in Long Beach, a delivered customer car, looks great in person. ??





So this is how bad the auto parts shortage is, the car is missing that temp/sunlight sensor module in the front of the dashboard, those little round domes, so they didn't want to delay shipment of the car and sent it to the US missing that part, the dealership technically can't release it to the customer until that module arrives so they can install it ?

It's basically held hostage there foreseeable future
Unfortunate, but that's a beautiful car.
Well, balls. I really need to finish that Turbo S Cross Turismo review.

I remain disappointed that no one would let me marry the press wagon.
Well, balls. I really need to finish that Turbo S Cross Turismo review.

I remain disappointed that no one would let me marry the press wagon.

If they allowed you to marry the car, people would soon be marrying dogs, cats, and sheep. We just can't have that now can we?
Somebody did have relations with a Range Rover... NSFW - This is also the photo Jeremy Clarkson had when on Top Gear for "I went on the internet today and I found this!"

I'm not clicking that.
Absolutely not clicking that. We've been on the internet and found other things since then, thank goodness.
The problem with EVs is that they lack exhaust pipes. What has this poor thread become?