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Mar 24, 2005
Waterford, ?ire
'06 BMW 320 M Sport

With my education future still up in the air Ive been really considering putting a bit of effort into touching up a few photos and creating a portfolio of stuff I've done and stuff I will be doing.I'm posting this on as many sites as I can to get a varied response from different audiences. I came up with these few earlier tonight, over the space of half an hour or so ...

C&C please ?




I'm not a pro by any shot, but I know what I like - and I love those shots :thumbsup:
The pic of the Garrett is my fave out of them. Love it how in black & white every bit of dirt stands out more than it would in colour.
I like all of them but I don't know, they might stand out more if they were in their original color vs. tweked color?
All of tham is simply cool 8) :thumbsup: But the first one is the best :mrgreen:
The balance on the first pic is a bit weird. The background draws too much attention away from the subject (car), unless that's what you wanted. As for the picture of the turbo, I would definintely not include it in my portofolio. You're really not sticking with the division of thirds there. It looks like something a redneck would take of his cousin/girlfriend's Japanese car. :lol: Hopefully you'll take this for what it is: constructive criticism.
they're all very good shots - though I would advise removing your signature from them - looks rather tacky.