Possible 50th Anniversary 007 Tribute??


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May 29, 2008
MWF HQ, Ukadia
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Hammond is currently twittering in Monaco having driven DB5 BMT216A and Lotus Esprit and is at a hotel awaiting the arrival of one Sir Roger "Eyebrow" Moore.

Since this is the 50th anniversary of the Bond films might we be treated to a TG piece about 007's cars and involvement with them, maybe even with Sir Roger as the SIARPC although I rather suspect he is a bit old for that sort of thing these days? And besides I'd rather see Dalton do it.

Updates as and when he tweets them.
I think I read somewhere that Hammond is doing a one-off special about Bond cars so, sorry, it's just him.
It probably had to be Hammond, but did it have to be Hammond? Maybe he'll redeem himself with this segment.
This is one of the TG Spin-off documentaries that Wilman mentioned recently. They are each doing one. Presumably Richard's is being done first as it has to be shown this year for the 50th Anniversary.
Fair enough.

So May gets Jason Bourne and Jezza is stuck with Austin Powers?
James has just tweeted that he's off to France

I realise it's a big country.