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Possible Downtime Tonight

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Sep 21, 2003
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Just a head's up:

The Planet engineers have been observing a firmware issue with the router dsr01.dllstx2 which will require a reload. The issue is currently non-service impacting but due to the nature of the problem a preventive reboot is advised. In order to minimize the possibility of service interruption we will be reloading this router in an emergency maintenance window beginning at 2:00am CST 12/28/05 and lasting for 1 hour. Since this router is in a redundant pair there should only be intermittent packet loss and latency as we perform this reload. The Planet engineers will strive to minimize the impact of this work but due to the nature of the maintenance a service interruption is possible up to the entire maintenance window.
Yeah, the Earth's core needs a reboot.
planet engineers .... talk about being full of themselves
if they are who they say they are, they should just make the world spin faster and maybe the server downtime will pass faster :bangin: :lol:
jensked said:
^ :lol: "The Core" is the worst film i've EVER seen. What a stupid script.

Bad, but not as godawful as The Cave.
:lol: :roll: You guys are weird.

Anyway, thread is pointless now. :lock:
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