Possible Yosemite/Death Valley problems for up coming holiday?


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May 15, 2006
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Hi all

Flying out to San Fran on the 22nd of the month and a few days later the plan is to drive out to Yosemite, stay in a motel near the main bit with half dome, take Tioga pass through the park and then down to Death Valley (Furnace Creek), a night there, and then onwards to vegas.

Now the first problem is, I believe Tioga is shut because of snow at the moment. But that will be by the by if the parks are still closed. I mean what is the procedure here? Apparently it seems we may still be able to use the main highways through the park (Tioga excepted regardless of snow cover as they said it will remain shut from Crane Flat onwards going east), but that if we do we are not allowed to stop. So can we still get to the hotel we have booked?

Same question about the place in Furnace Creek as that is slap bang in the middle of the Death Valley National Park.

I am quietly hoping that by the 17th, this will be sorted. But if not, and it goes on and on, then it will also put our South rim Grand Canyon visit and Hoover Dam tour down the toilet. Hopefully the tour operator for the former can give a refund as that was rather expensive for a day trip (from Vegas).

I mean are we going to end up cancelling (at cost) the stays in the national parks and embark on a detour around them? :(

I have to say, this all looks extremely silly from where I am sat on the other side of the pond. I mean I know the british government have some asinine things going on, but seriously, closing some of these national parks and monuments etc blatantly takes more time, money and man power than would keeping them as they were. It all seems ass backwards.:blink:

Anyone with a finger on the pulse?


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Dec 6, 2005
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"It all seems ass backwards." This is the US gov't. Ass backwards is normal operating procedure.

My suggestions is to call each of the hotels you've booked rooms with and get the story straight from the horse's mouth.

I really don't see this going more than a week or so more, so you should be okay by the 22nd.


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Mar 5, 2007
Well, the 22nd is still a bit away ... while it isn?t looking much like progress these days, I?d expect something done by then ...