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Avast ye lubbers!



That's strange, I was thinking TV doctor also, but more like:
@DJ Balthazar...some time this summer
I thought I'd put my mug up on here:

Also available with Fez:
Just because I'm wearing leather and hugging a guy who has a beard? :lol:
me @ f1 @ hungaroring





Getting fined on the subway:
I hope you had a good time in Hungary, sorry about the subway fine, Hungarian ticket controllers are usually strict! :lol:
6000 HUF (it's like 0.0001 usd).

Turns out, you can only go 3 stops on a single ticket. We went 5.

Awesome :)

We had a good time in Hungary, and especcialy in Siofok - where we spent 7 days swiming in Lake Balaton and drinking :D

Bonus Siofok pic:
1 Euro = 239 HUF

It's always changing, sometimes it's 250, sometimes 220...

Banii, Si?fok is definetely a good place! And you can travel more than 10 stops with the same ticket, but there are some lines (about 20% of the lines) where you need a double ticket, it seems you were unlucky...
I loved the Gellert-lookout in Budapest - you could see all of the city.

Also found some great bars in Budapest - one on a rooftop and one in a run down house.

Siofok was cheaper, tho. Like 50% cheaper than Budapest.
Hey Banii, you sure do get around, hey? Wasn't it just a few months back you went around the world, or something like that? :p

Did you pay your subway fine? It's not like they're gonna come to Norway for a followup. But I understand... I was in Frankfurt a few months ago and it took me 20 minutes to buy a train ticket and I think I still ended up buying the wrong ticket... and the machines supposedly had English on them, too.
Hehe, yeah - i'm going to Florida in 3 weeks too.

I paid it on the spot - i made a mistake - and to me it's just some cents that doesn't matter - it's better for them to maybe use it to make public transport in Budapest better, than for me to buy 4 beers. :)
Looks like you had an awesome time Banii. Thanks for sharing with us, <3 the SpongeBob shirt.