Post a pic of yourself

Girlfriend likes the look actually, so I might hold onto it for a while ;)

So you'll ditch your girlfriend when she doesn't like the look anymore?

Well anyhow, just stop referring to girls as "it"...

Is that a modern copy of an old design or an old car with blinged up wheels?
Ouch. Yeah, it was in the magazine a few months ago. Its a pretty cool car.
The tire design is VERY interesting! Nice car!
Too bad you didn't had goggles and a leather helmet! :lol:
It needs the caption "Ford owns Volvo". Tom Ford? Get it? Oh nevermind...
who's tom ford?
I dunno, from what I can tell he seems to host fifth gear.... never seen that show before.
That's a sweet looking car for sure.

But what's that brown case that sits between the front wheels? They couldn't think of another place to store that?
Afaik, because the designer had to work with the external measurements of the original Jakob, and wanted to put a turbocharged straight six in there, he had no room for a luggage compartment within the bodyshell itself, so het resorted to other ways. And it think it's just a gimmick for a show-only car. This one was never designed to go on the road :)