Post a pic of yourself

You misspelled eyebrows. :p

And if you do come to the ring meet next year, I better bring a hell of a lot more beer and wine...
The last "open air"-beer of the season:


Homework for photography class. This thing will be hanging on a wall in our classroom now...

I think the frame of the glasses is bigger than the lens, that's why there is a distinct edge you can see. On the right (from our point of view the left) lens it's only dimly visible.
Besides that, the left (from our point of view the right) lens reflects something in the background of the camera.

Everyone's favorite Costa Rican:

That's an artificial lake for a hydro powerplant back there, its covered in lillies though...


And that's me with the obligatory yellow health and safety helmet, yellow for ME's :D
M_Bolc, your last remind me of one of the guys from Canada's Worst Handyman. :mrgreen:
Unfunny :(
Anyways, even when working for the power company in hydroelectric projects would be awesome, the union is the shit, and ruins the whole experience. And if you don't join the union you're seen as the enemy from the inside.

Conclusion: no yellow hard hat for me


thought i'd try out playing with a mirror, not sure if i like the first.... the camera is actually infront of me, resting on the mirror, but can still focus as the path from me to the mirror is well above the lens' min focusing distance. looks kinda scary in a HAL kinda way

Me in the Tate's new main exhibition. Lots of bunk beds in blue and yellow. Rubbish 'art' in there... :lol:
Alok, you are supposed to be BEHIND the camera.. not in front!
I really like these three photos Alok, especially the last one, very "artistic."



Here's my dead-sexy self on an elephant hunting trip in Sierra Leone. God damn was it hot that day! Luckily I had New Kids On The Block and Hannah Montana to keep me company.

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I know I know, but I am usually very lucky if I get clicked, so I wasnt complaining ;)

You were so happy you even took a photo of it to remember the occasion. :):p