Post a pic of yourself


Here's me looking like a stoned idiot. Enjoy!
and not looking like 26.... I'd have judged you well younger from that photo.
Swek, you aging backwards? Stuff you posted before made you look older...
In this specific pic you look more 16 than 26... Well, the envy. I start to show my age. Good @work/study, bad everywhere else...
I certainly don't hope so. Well, I have been asked for ID when I bought some cigarettes a month ago. I just thanked the cash-out girl for the best compliment I recieved all day. You should have seen the look on her face. :mrgreen:
You don't really look stoned swek... Visine? :p
Here's me, not at all living up to the stereotype of a woman:

It was an orange poppyseed cake (hence the pouring of syrup over it) and freaking delicious, even if I do say so myself.
LOL. Not even my boyfriend gets such good treatment. Maybe I need to de-emphasise the girliness.



You look very friendly. :)
A girl with a cute haircut, who's into cars (or at least Top Gear), can at least pretend to hold a guitar properly and looks good in a pair of jeans...a girl after my own heart. *laughs*
Another pic of ME!!
Nice one Karoug, what guitar are you playing?

And pretend is exactly what I had to do today...I stupidly stabbed myself in the finger with a pushpin at work, and can't play barre chords right now, so at rehearsal this morning it was air guitar all the way baby!
^I was playing a red 7-string Washburn. Quite a nice guitar for it's price.

Yea, hurting your fingers are no fun when you have rehearsals..