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It had been a while since I had taken selfies, today I kinda went on a binge and took half a dozen.

Here is one from 13000'...

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CraigB;n3549717 said:
Pikes Peak is quite the interesting drive, isn't it?
Yeah, too bad that :

1- I was stuck behind Toyota drivers who seem to think the 25 MPH limit was too high!
2- I was driving a Hyundai Santa Fe.
3- It was the first day of the 3 year closure of the top part of the drive, we had to stop at Mile 16.

Only 3 type of visitor vehicles were allowed past Mile 16:

- Cars with an handicap plate.
- Cars with a (I guess occupied) child or baby seat.
- Motorcycles.


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I hate to say, I was scared shitless when I went up it last year. I was driving slow, on the centerline and white knuckled the whole way up. I was much more relaxed coming down though...


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bone;n3550410 said:
what's the logic behind that?
There is construction going on at the top, limiting the parking spaces.

By limiting access to the top to those vehicles, there should be enough space, and these are the people who would be most inconvenienced by being forced to use the shuttle.


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