Post a pic of yourself

Eh, looks classic to me, and it looks nice with the brown shoes.
With restaurant restrictions finally eased, we immediately treated ourselves to a fancy dinner.
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So, I had a tonsillectomy done last week and the "one size fits none" hospital gown was just too terrible of a color not to share.

Baby poo is not a pleasing color. :poop:
Useful in case of a code brown though.

Have a picture of me taking a picture taken by my friend on Mont Salève in France, which is often referred to as "Balcony of Geneva". I was, you guess it, taking pictures of Geneva, while having Mont Blanc in my background.
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Looking great! :)
Local food doing the trick. :p
Oh boy, if it wasn't for my own cooking and the Asian places, I'd be even thinner. :ROFLMAO:
It's impressive how a former empire never learned the concepts of "spices" or "crunchiness".
Jesus Christ Herr Wilhelm Achtung, that's fucking impressive! I got nothing but respect for that!

Danke schön!
After all the fashion talk, have an outfit of the day selfie.

Found some snow in the Black Forest.