Post a pic of yourself

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Saw the worlds biggest toilet situated in…. The Black Forest? Here I thought it was Gary, Indiana…

Hank looks less than impressed in being held back. :D
Let me guess - you've seen The Tim Traveller's video on that subject so you decided to see it for yourself? ;)

I didn’t know it existed and it’s 10 minutes away from the worlds biggest cuckoo clock! Two of the worlds largest things in such close proximity.

@DaBoom actually sent me the video, it wasn’t suggested to me. Plus, any reason to leave my shitty Apartment is a good reason.
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I could poop in that giant toilet. I like spicy food. Beans. Salads. And gosh, if Roadtrip stops at too many pizza joints in a row again...heck, it'd be easy. Challenge accepted.

re: thread subject—I did another Lemons Rally, this time as a judge. We took the rally trophy we won last year and I ended up wearing it for lots of the time, heh. It ended at Harris Hill, so the Lancer did a few slow victory laps.

Anyway, I liked this hearse.


I've just had the first roll of film I've ever shot developed and scanned. While most of the photos didn't turn out that great, as expected, I'm overall satisfied with the results. Here is an unedited picture of me that my dad took, complete with the pornstache that I've been growing as a joke, and a serious face.
For a Adobe Creative Suite class, we had a sort of photo editing/typography assignment where we were to take a photo of a body part and make a word come out of it, and add some sort of coloration effect to the image. First "selfie" I've taken in a couple of years...

Back to Berlin to fetch our last remaining car.
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But what was your time?
Hank and I by the Breisach Stadtmuseum in the background. Nice warm day this afternoon.

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Nothing wrong with that :D