Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......


I'll be back in auto writing full-time as a News Editor for, starting in January.

A lot of the folks I interviewed with had been there for years, and they've got a pretty stable financial backing as well as some fun data to analyze thanks to the fact that they also do a lot of dealership tools and host a ton of car ads. They don't do the boom-and-bust hire/layoff cycle that a lot of outlets are sadly known for nowadays, and new roles opening up on the editorial team are relatively rare. It sounds like exactly the kind of workplace I've been looking for ever since I left Jalopnik. I can't wait to have a regular outlet to work for again.

(Now to thrash-finish all my freelance work ASAP without dying of exhaustion. Fun!)
That is fantastic news and it brings me much joy.
That's great news, @ninjacoco !

What sort of news leads are you looking for? I think you asked on Facebook, but didn't want to muddy the waters there.
Most of what we cover is related to new cars, so anything auto-industry-related, basically.
A few former colleagues from NL have asked me whether I'd be open and willing to work freelance for them a bit. And because my employer said yes (had to...) and I have a day a week free anyway, I went sure why not I'd love to get back to some work in emobility. Also those dutchies always were a fun bunch :)
... somehow this sort of fell to the side in another thread. they agreed to the hourly rate that I rolled the dice on, I have sent the tax authorities their dumbass "questionnaire" regarding freelance, spent some money on an extremely nice macbook, I am ready to go! Well maybe sign some paperwork or a contract or something, I dunno. Who cares!