Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

"Like picking up still warm turds in a plastic bag and carrying them around with you? Like having to go out and do this twice a day whatever the weather? Like to share your home with something that stinks when it gets wet, drops the most Godawful farts and humps the leg of anyone who comes to the door?.............

.............get a NecroJoe!"

If you only knew... :p

I don't like dogs, either, so I'm at least consistant.

Children, too. Hate children.
Yup. Noisy and smelly. And you still have to deal with their shit. Fish are fine if someone else is cleaning the tank. I just don't like "dealing" with pets. I grew up raising bison, and those were easy. They stayed outside, and didn't take much care. If I ever did end up with a dog, it sure as hell would be an "outside" dog.
That cat is so stupid it exploded your rep.
There has to be a longer version of the cat shark thing.........
What is that?
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