Post your breakfast!


That's 3 eggs, scrambled, 8 strips of bacon, 2 pieces of toast and a pint of milk.
The bigger the breakfast the better off I am. Usually for me its a huge bowl of cereal. Often times 2 huge bowls of cereal.

That Frosted Flakes GOLD stuff is pretty good, I ate that stuff straight for a month for breakfast during the summer I really enjoyed it. Currently I'm on a Cinnamon Toast Crunch binge, been going through a box every 4 days.

Sometimes in the morning when the bowl of cereal isn't enough I follow it up with something salty like pretzels or baked potato chips.

During the summer I developed the awesome habit of ice cream for breakfast....:lol::mrgreen:

Breakfast for me is like people's coffee in the morning, I need it or else I can't start the day. But I do not drink a drop of caffeine or coffee during the day.