Post your computer desk


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Mar 21, 2004

Yeah that's it.
I posted this earlier in the desktop forum, but here is mine:
^ Both. It's a dual monitor set up.

I explained it in the desktop thread to Andy.
You can probably make your camera take lowe resolution images.

If not, you can do even resize an image in MSPaint. Just load the image, go to Image>Stretch\Skew and make it smaller. :)
zenon you monitors are so differnet from each other isnt it kinda bad to use? i've always disliked duel screens coz of the panel space between the screens.
I don't mind it at all actually.

Whatever program I'm using always goes on the 19". On my 15", I always have MSN and WinAmp running, as well as a folder open with all of my albums. If I'm talking to someone on MSN or loading up MP3s, I don't have to swtich or minimize windows at all - I just slide over to the left monitor and set it up. I can also have a video going on one of the monitors while working on the other. I'd obviously rather have two 19" monitors, but for everything I use the dual monitor set up for, the small 15" is perfect. :)
here's my lovely tidy desktop area (50% as always):


I love photography so much, just the way it captures a single moment in time that will never be repeated. It's so cool :)
..... you should know :lol:

I have no idea what it is! hehe

I want to know now though. Must be off some sort of advert as The Simpsons had just finished. I'm curious now! :D