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Post your computer desk

Lol. Everyone in the company gets a picture of themselves on their desk, it helps to identify said desk (as opposed to "flex" desks that can be used by anyone).
I gots some speakers!

Mackie MR5 studio monitors.

PC are the guts from (minus power supply and disc drive) train computer in the new case.
New desk (IKEA (not Mitsubishi) Galant), new amp (Emotiva Fusion Flex), and new old speakers (Infinity RSb) :D

I want to get that desk but I need to figure out how to rearrange my room...

I wanted that too but it simply won't fit in my current space.

So have this huge ass gap where nothing is at...drives me bonkers.
*looks at title*

*looks at last post*

Where am I?
Cleaned my desk yesterday. Forgot to take a before pic :( You could only see the desk in front of the keyboard :)

One of the running gags with the Tech Dept. is that we tend to get moved around at random. This is my new office (well, desk arrangement in the pics anyway)- yes it's been only 8 months since I moved the first time:



The room is in a different building - it was a computer lab in our grade 7 and 8 building...before being turned into a district training room and then into our room. The good news is that the whole department is now in one room. No more having to go across campus to one office to get parts, etc. We will have 4 imaging stations once the additional racks arrive so we can do a ton of computers at once. We also have a conference table as well as workbenches - especially important for me and another coworker who will likely do a lot of Chromebook repairs as our 1 to 1 initiative expands to include the buildings I'm responsible for - 2 elementary schools and one intermediate (5th and 6th grade) school.

Overall, it's a huge improvement from the various offices we worked out of before. Of course, the question is... how long will this last before we get to move again? :lol:
This is sometimes my "desk." :D

Mah basement tv room.
Nice! Ikea Markus?

Thanks. Yep, Markus office chairs.

My PC :

i7 5820K (6 cores)
Noctua NH-D15
Asus X99-A
Kingston 32GB DDR4
MSI GTX 950 G2 Gaming
EVGA G2 550W
Samsung 850EVO 250GB
Chieftec LBX-02B-U3 Tower
Dell P2715Q 4K
Logitech MX Master
DasKeyboard MX Cherry Blue keys
Logitech Z333
Perixx DX-2000

Ikea Signum cable managment underneath each desk, also I've put some transparent plastic foil on the wall to keep it clean. Works really great so far!

The desk is actually a kitchen worktop, I like the texture on it.

The drawers have a double purpose. Besides storage, I've hidden the power cables behind them. Covered the original plug in the wall, connected two power strips and mounted them behind the first drawer (which is a bit shallower because of that) and made holes in the sides for the cables.

Speaker volume control is mounted on the bottom of the desk, always on hand but never in the way.

4 holes in the desk for cables, behind each monitor and PC case.

Her setup.
^ Nice setup! I love the Dell monitors with the speaker bar - it's so clean.
I can vouch for ikea markus chairs. They dont look much but are surprisingly comfy.
I can vouch for ikea markus chairs. They dont look much but are surprisingly comfy.
Yeah, I love mine. Kinda wish it had padded arms but for the price I won't complain.
I work in commercial/office furniture. I'm spoiled on most anything under $500. :lol:
Went full retard after getting my 40" 4K Samsung TV for Christmas and decided to set up all my monitors for the lulz.