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Post your computer desk.

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Jun 4, 2004
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Jasonchiu said:
as u can see i have made use of MD's and used it to hold a fan off my sisters computer WOOT, isnt that some nice wiring! i sure u are all jeoulous

I don't see no MD disk or a computer case... I think you posted a bad link for the second pic
Well, I royally messed up this thread trying to move it into the actual 'Post Your Desk' thread... it seems that I can't move existing posts into an exisitng thread.

I'm going to lock this, but Jason and Andy, if you want, take what you posted and post it in the actual 'Post your Desk' thread.

Sorry for the screwup.
^ I made a royal mess of things figuring that out too. :oops:
Renesis said:
yeah viper doesn't allow us to merge, wtf!
phpBB doesn't support it. Hopefully 2.2 will.
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