Post your fridge

I would post the other side too but the freezer is even more empty. All there is in there right now is some ice... I used to have some venison in there as well but I think the ice obliterated it.
Pepsi? NOoOoOoooOoOoOOoOOooooo

Oh, those. They are super old, I haven't really been drinking any pop lately aside from when I stop by to pick up some fast food.

I've somehow lost the ability to taste canned pop... I still like it from the fountain machines, but from the can it just tastes like sugar and water to me now. Plus I lost pretty much all of my body fat in the last year without trying to so I figure the least I can do is the small stuff like not drinking a can of corn syrup unless it's with a meal or something. And I don't really eat at home, so those cans are super old.
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My fridge....most of my food is purchased the same day it is cooked. Also I don't drink caffeine, but the girl I'm seeing likes diet soda for some reason.

I drink quite a bit of liquid per day, for example I will drink 2 gallons of milk every 2 weeks. I put the skim on my cereal and I drink the 2%.
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...most of my food is purchased the same day it is cooked.

No kidding, I was going to ask why your fridge was relatively empty for someone who is always cooking up tasty junk.

I haven't had Dr Pepper in ages, not having pop at home and I never thought to ask for it when eating out... will do tonight though. DDP is the only drink worth having in diet form.
I prefer diet coke to regular most of the time. Doesn't taste as thick.
Why do you keep your beer in a drawer? That's complicated man, one more step between you and beery goodness.
A bachelors fridge? You should see mine, there is nothing in it but expired milk, some butter, and a bottle of sailor jerry. :p
Well it's true. :p

I still like regular coke, but the HFCS stuff always tastes like more of a treat. I prefer diet coke with meals.
Sorry for the shitty quality, the D3000 doesn't have an SD-card (Dad forgot one when he sent it to me D: for my photography class in the fall), so here's pics with my G1's shitty camera with shitty lighting.
We have 3 fridges.

Food fridge.

Beer fridge.

And, of course, the best for last.

I can't claim this is all mine, as I am but one man in a 3-bedroom apartment. We are all guys, though, and all cook for ourselves pretty often.

Can't get a shot of the "hard alcohol" section of our shelf as there's no light there, although it is formidible.
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i just realized i hadn't posted my fridge yet, mainly because it's been too embarassingly empty!
so, here you go, did a little shopping and filled the fridge... please note 3kg's of assorted lindt chocolate goodness :p
here it comes, the laxmax family fridge.



the door (spot any good condiments?)


now our freezer is pretty full cause it's a fridge-top kind. when we move to a new house we'll get a side by side full size one.



the door (one of the shelves broke off, and it's only really used by overflow frozen fruit and a bottle of limoncello)