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Post your home page

hm, didnt know about this google thing. looks ok, but i already have this sort of stuff everywhere i log in + google search thing in my browser, so kinda uselss for me personally. :)

edit: about:blank for me as well 8)
about:blank for me.
Starts where i left off in opera.

For example if I'm viewing this thread. Close Opera. Turn off the computer. Wait a week, turn it back on. Open opera, it'll go to the exact same url of all the tabs i had open at the time i closed it. :)
Mine is BBC News (http://news.bbc.co.uk)
That way I can keep up with what's going on in the world without turning on the TV, or buying a newspaper!

(and I've set up the same homepage on my Mum's, Dad's and Sister's computers as none of them could decide what they wanted! :D )
I used to have a danish news/gossip/entertainment/stuff -site, but it was full of slow loading crap.
i've got 9 different pages when i open opera 8)
about:blank in both Opera and Firefox.

Used to be about:mozilla in IE :p
Here's mine (resized a bit for H-scroll niceness)


Just a background with .GIFS and .JPEGs all over the place done in Dreamweaver with the pictures hotlinked to the site in question.

I always seem to goto the same sites and the favourites/bookmarks menu seemed a bit stale and unpersonal so I made this :)
Autoweek.com. They update once a week, and I occasionally click on some forum topics to laugh at the blitering idiots endlessly arguing about whether Toyota is better than GM, like a bunch of sniveling tools. The ignorance there is astounding!

If I've offended any Autoweek.com Combustion Chamber members, it's not your fault. It's everybody around you. Trust me. ;)