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Post your NFSU2 ride!


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May 26, 2004
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my car is a clean white Trueno, and my sponsor's car (eurolite) is a V6 Tiburon
damn... how about some resizing, and making them clickable for the large version...
For race:

For rice:

Just a note to all, you can even resize images in MSPaint, so none of you have an excuse for breaking the h-scroll! :evil: :p

Paste the image into Paint > select the pencil tool (you just have to do this to deselect the bounding box) > go to Image > go to Stretch/Skew > and type in 75% in the Horizontal and Vertical Stretch.
Overheat said:
die MSPaint fans, all of you DIE! hehe
Hahaha, I'm far from a MSPaint fan. I exclusively use Photoshop CS myself... I'm just saying that no one has an excuse for posting pictures larger than 800x600 (they break the h-scroll) because everyone atleast has MSPaint. :p
jasonchiu: *barf* WAAAAY too much rice.

Here's my baby:


I also have a stock looking, but fully loaded RX-8, a stock Skyline (just bought it), a H2 that looks fairly stock, and this Nissian:


As I said in the other thread, I only have those rims 'cause they're special ones and give me extra star credit. That's my star car and it's at like level 7 now or something.
Maxxed out my Nissian:


Also unlocked the STi:


and a little tweaking...

here's my stuff, waiting to unlock the mustang for my next car I think. Or the evo.. I didn't post one of my Slots cause I change the car every 5 mins.. :lol: I use it to test drive what I unlock, without losing money.

Here's my racer, still pretty neat looking and unriced. Normally it has the stock wing but it fucked up and got painted another color and cant seem to be fixed so I got this one.


This is my sponsor's vehicule, a blinged escalade with the loud exhaust, 24" chrome spinnerz, full audio, neons, etc. I use it as my rice vehicule.


And finally, my baby :p I don't want to mod it too much, it's already fast enough, it's modded a little, but neatly 8)

Here's an update on my rides:


Race (hasn't changed):

My baby:

The Miata is modded up to 10 stars - it's as tasteful as I could make it look with that amount of garbage on it anyway. The RX-7 has all every single performance modification, and only the rims and paint have been changed. I'm in the process of doing all the performance mods on the RX-8 but didn't have enough money to do it all at once. I've changed the rims, but I'm keeping the paint stock. I think the RX-8 will soon replace my RX-7 as my race ride though - it's arleady nicer to drive with only a few performance mods.

Has anyone unlocked the wide-body kits yet? As far as I can tell, the only things I have left so far are the Skyline and the wide-body kit.
nope, theres's quite al ot of stuff I haven't unlocked yet.

Zenon, I love your taste man. 8)
I have full body carbon fiber and all that shit, just no wide body. And zenon - you have the STi to unlock as well. ;)
Viper007Bond said:
And zenon - you have the STi to unlock as well. ;)
I have unlocked the STi actually. I just recently got it unlocked as well as the carbon fibre body kits. There are still quite a few race icons left on my map, but I'm really hoping to finish this game off soon - mostly just because I really want to the wide-body kit.

I lost interest in the first Underground just a few races short of beating it, so I never got to see the wide-body kits. I'm making it my mission to fully complete this game. :D I absolutley love the fully-tuned RX-8 - it's got just as much power as the RX-7 and Supra, but doesn't understear at all. :)