Post Your Shoes

Finally, some new batteries!

Here are a few pairs I've been about of late:

My workhorses, amusingly enough, they were scrunched up under a golf bag in a car's trunk, which is why they look warped and skewed in the pic :lol:


If I'm not wearing those, then I'm wearing these:


My most recent acquisitions! Got these day before yesterday. They are sales samples from the distributor, so nobody else has them, and they won't have for a bit. That's kinda cool :lol::


Finally, my babies. I love these so much, that I've only worn them once, and I'm really really scared to wear them too often. But I LOVE them, and having a cat around means that they are usually stored on a high shelf, in a closet, covered...



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The new running shoes. Holy crap they're comfortable:

I'm gonna resurrect the shit out of this thread, because you people seem to like shoes and I want some new ones. I've always worn skater shoes, until last year when I got some steel toe sneakers from work. They were terrible for driving, I lost what little feedback I had in the gas pedal, and weighed about a ton and a half. Last week it was new work shoe time and I decided to get some composite toe boots to wear in the winter and buy some "real" sneakers for myself. I really like these:
Lacoste Men's Misano 9 $125

Renwick 7-21SPM1082-237 Lacoste $90

But both pairs cost too much. I'd like to stay under $60, maybe stretch to $80 if they're really worth it. The Puma Drift Cat III's are pretty nice, and fit my price, but that big white swooshy thing and large puma on the toe is not to my liking. Halp.
I've been trying to find a replacement for my battered sketchers (same as Danny Tran's on page 5 but brown) for a year and so far I've had no luck. I'm not a fan of most flat-bottomed (skate) shoes and I don't like the look of most running shoes. These are the only ones I found that I like (might order a pair now I notice that they're in the sale)


Since I'm posting I might as well cover my other shoes too. For work I have these:


Currently on my 3rd pair because the fucking things fall apart after 6 months of constant wear. At least they're fairly cheap.

Then I have these, originally bought for wearing when taking the Land Rover off road but now I wear them whenever I'm working on it and for other general stuff.


And a little while ago I decided that because I find myself walking around muddy off road sites taking photos, I need a comfortable pair of wellies (plus my old ones fell apart and I got wet feet), so went for a pair of these:


Which of course triggered the heat wave.
I shall come back later with pics of all me other shoes, which I will arrange properly mainly 'cause I think it'd be funny to see exactly how many pairs I actually have; 'Cause I lost count ages ago.

But in the meantime, here are me fugly-ass driving slippers which I paid summat like a tenner for in Sainsbury's an' they live in me car. You'll often find me scuttling across a garage forecourt paying for me petrol in these monstrosities.
I have about 30 pairs of various types of shoes.

Buggered if I'm gonna take a pic haha...
Last pair of shoes I bought:

I love them.
I'm sensing a theme on this page of "I bought these shoes to match my car." :lol:
My latest purchase (actually they were a present from my brother):

Another present, this time from my mum who bought these in Brazil... getting ready for the summer. ;)
I'm sensing a theme on this page of "I bought these shoes to match my car." :lol:

It'll be super awesome when someone does the opposite.
It'll be super awesome when someone does the opposite.

Captain Awesome at your service! :cool:

To be honest I didn't have to try too hard, what with having a white car and all.
Ok, here we go. A proper picture of my small shoe collection. I'm missing one pair of shoes, they went missing before I even got to wear them. >:

I wonder what kind of shoes I like? Hmm...
Two pairs are not vans. The big rainboots, Roxy, and the DC's. Obviously. xD

Honestly, I'm just really lazy. I'm the laziest lazy person ever. I can outlazy most people. "What, that glass is 5" away from my arm? Do I really have to grab it?" =P

I really like the dark boot-like ones that are super colorful on the inside (which are still Vans).

I also have three Vans backpacks, but that's mainly out of convenience since if you are already at the Vans store getting shoes you might as well get a backpack if there's a sale.
The ones top right would be my pick of the bunch, personally.

/me loves tartan/checkered clothing