Post Your Shoes

I particularly like the argyle shoes. I really wore those out when I got them. I can still wear them, but they are pretty worn at the heel and a little squished flat at weird spots.

(Somewhat related to shoes- I only wear argyle socks, so yeeeah. I bought them directly from China. $3+$30 EMS shipping. Lolol. I got like 14-16 pairs of socks and they are 100% cotton so no complaints. It was just funny when the sender name was just "China". China directly sent me Argyle socks. xD)
Argyle FTW! They are the exclusive pattern found on my socks. :mrgreen:
I actually don't have as many pairs of shoes as I thought ... only 13, and I think I bought almost all of them for under $30 a pair.


Those flip-flops? Bought for $5 at Target three years ago and they're the most comfortable things ever. I pretty much live in them during the summer months when I cba to do anything else.
Original Penguin Pinstripes, on sale. Summer has finally come to Chicago, and my Sperrys have been pulling double duty with shorts and pants since my current sandals are out of commision.

I figured I'd revive this thread due to a request in the feet thread. What I currently have:




I find the Vans and Nike Shox I have to be a bit easier to drive in than the Globe's so I've been wearing them more. (The former's covered in paint sploatches sadly so I need new ones... I hope to get a few more pairs of sneakers by summer's end, as I don't do flip flops in summer.
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Bought some Tom's Botas the other day. I think they look pretty good with casual khaki or dark blue pants... jeans as well.

My weapon of choice (everyday use/running/you name it)Nike FreeRun's:

They aren't as pretty now, but they're absolutely the most comfortable shoe on earth for me.
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This seems a better place for this (originally in the "Things that annoy me" thread)...

NB: I know you were joking, but If I actually counted all my pairs of shoes I'm pretty sure I only have about 12 pairs at the maximum. I threw out / donated a few pairs that were past their prime at the beginning of the year! :lol:

That's still about twice the number that men own!

I have: a pair of winter boots, a pair of casual "every day" shoes, two pairs of black "formal/business" shoes (which I hardly ever wear), and a pair of brown "formal/business" shoes. Oh, and a pair of trainers for the gym. That's it.
I haven't bought these...



?99 is the cheapest i've seen em. Amazing or terrible? :p
Hmm...I never posted the racecar shoes. It still feels weird that the most I've ever spent on shoes was for a pair that didn't even come in girl sizes. :lol:


I bought these recently, too:


They're super cute, nice enough that I can wear them to work, and I can even borrow other peoples' cars with manuals in them without having to say "dude, hold my shoes," but that ring around the toe gets annoying. Oh well.
I bought these recently, too:

That isn't a shoe, it's a slice of plastic with some straps on it. :p

Here are all my shoes:

My ?18 work boots that I've had about 8 months, ?20 everyday shoes I've had for about a year and my ?40 VANs that wore straight through the sole within 5 months. <_<
Only thing not pictured is my work shoes.


Latest edition is the Air Moc 1.0's.


I took a punt and got then for ?5 delivered off Ebay, I wouldn't normally do that. But, some people don't like the first gen as they're very Japanese, which they toned down for the amazing 1.5's. They're in great condition and it saved me spending money importing a new pair.
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I realized last night just how freakishly large my sons feet are. Here's his sandals:


I think he wears a 16 now...

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Hmm...I never posted the racecar shoes. It still feels weird that the most I've ever spent on shoes was for a pair that didn't even come in girl sizes. :lol:

Me too!
Well, after about a year and a half of trying out difference shoes, it looks like I'm back to my old self in a good 'ol set of VANS


That being said, I did quite like my pair of Doc Martins that I had... hmmm, I wonder why....


Ah yes... I see now... (mine were black)
Well, I've managed to put a hole in thge side of one of my Speed Cat SDs, so I'm looking to replace them. The only thing 10 minutes of looking has gotten me is this:

Basically the same shoe, but with mesh bits and a Ferrari logo. I really like the wrap around heel on driving shoes, and really pretty much everything about them, but I need something with as much breathability as possible, with durability also being important. I also always wear fancy insoles because of my fat ass and furnace feet, so I either need something with amazing arch support, or not too much so it won't get in the way, though really this hasn't been an issue to date. Also I have very little money, so the cheaper the better, and probably a pretty firm limit of $100.

You lot seem to know shoes, so I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction.