Post your Thanksgiving meal photos here!


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Nov 21, 2006
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For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, post your photos here after the meal. I'm reserving this spot for my photos. Going to a friend's home for early dinner then unfortunately have to work night shift tonight.

The bird:


The pies: sweet potato, pumpkin, pecan





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I've only got one of today's turkey. I should have done more but I was too hungry. We have more people coming tomorrow for round II so maybe i'll get some of that.
Here's the bird:


I CAN outline the menu though.

hors d'ourves:
homemade baba ganouj and bean dip with crackers and crudit?s
(drinks were arak and scotch. not together.)

Starter: Curried squash soup with wanton wrapper crisps

The real meal:

Traditional Roast Turkey
Veal Roast with rosemary and thyme
Homemade Challah stuffing
cranberry relish
mashed parsnips
roasted sweet potatoes
wild rice mix with turkey-apple sausage
mashed roasted squash with date honey
steamed asparagus
pumpkin muffins

Pumpkin and Apple pies
turkish coffee

Everything was kosher and nut-free because we keep kosher and i'm allergic to nuts. We have the other side of my family coming tomorrow so we much of this starts over tomorrow morning.
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Made Peking duck tonight. It's like 1/3 of a turducken!
Here's my turkey:

And to wash it down:

(Just kidding about the whiskey.)
Just discussing our Xmas bird with the Mrs. No one likes the dark leg meat - pity. One thing, Americans know how to cook Turkey. Just discussingt what the additional joint will be. ... Hmmmmm Gammon or Beef probably.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans btw!

The turkey cooking trend these days is to brine the bird, helps to keep the moisture in while cooking.
We use kosher turkey, which is pre-brined in order to remove all of the blood. if you can't be bothered with brining yourself, it might be a good option for you. Empire has organic ones that are superb.

Anyways, we have another turkey today for the rest of our guests. feast your eyes one turkey II:


The menu for today:

Turkey soup made from the carcass of yesterday's bird

Braised Fennel
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
The Rice from yesterday

Pumpkin Pie
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The turkey cooking trend these days is to brine the bird, helps to keep the moisture in while cooking.

Brining should help a little bit, altho since turkey is such a super-lean meat it's still very easy to overcook. :/

I like to cook the crown on it's own, cos it cooks a lot faster than the legs. For christmas this year I'm gonna roll the breasts up into one big piece and possibly confit the legs.
You must be in the US right now because from what I have heard, turkey can be be hard to find in Mordor.

Yeah, I'm in the US at the moment studying. But with the way regulations and laws work in this country, I am for all intents and purposes a New Zealand resident, according to the immigration office, and the university I attend. I countered by saying, "How can I attend a university if I live in a different country?"

It makes little sense to me. I consider myself an American resident, personally.