Post Your Voice or Video Thread

Mally D, you is bad-ass! I like it!

Here's me, singin' - I only just woke up so no one needs to hear or see me just yet or I'd record a talkie video.

Hmm. Web cam may be in order. You guys would be pretty amused by me.
Where's my camera, I'll record a sound bite, no face though cos right now I look rough as freshly layed gravel.
I guess I'll bite. This is an old video of my guinea pigs from several years ago, but I'm talking in a nearly normal voice (as opposed to my dreadful "baby" voice). I already had it in photobucket (click the image) but can upload to youtube if it doesn't work for people. There were problems with photobucket so, after a painfully long pending time, it's on youtube now.

So the question of the day is: Can you place my accent?


And Mally , you sound exactly as I imagined.
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I'm the "no, no, no, no, no..." in this:

And this isn't really how I usually talk (I was supposed to sound sleepy/out of it), but I'm the lumpy thing with the pink cow in this:

(I can't find any better examples of things with me in them...if I can, I'll post 'em. And good grief, I look horrible in that second video!)
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So the question of the day is: Can you place my accent?

I was going to say somewhere between midwestern and southern, until I heard Ninjacoco, who has the same flat vowels as my Iowa family. (No shame in that. I've never lived in the midwest, but I have the flat vowels, too. I can't say Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Dakota. My husband has endless fun with this.)
Ever wondered what the other members on this forum sound like? Here's your chance to find out. Post your voice or a video in an effort to end world-wide curiosity.

Mally Dangerous semi-live and unshaven.

It's not just because you're a black man from Atlanta, but I swear you sound like one of the Outkast guys.
Mally sounds just like I expected.
I expected ninjacoco to sound more high pitched.
Yes Lupin, it is....
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Dear God, you bastards know enough about me already, I'm not giving up any more of myself!

Although I will give you this: I sound terrible in recordings. And no, I don't have any sort of accent (even though I'd kill for a Boston one).