Post Your Voice or Video Thread

this does sound like one of the best ideas concieved on the forum, so i'm definately willing to help out in some form if needed. even though i have completely no musical talent whatsoever.
I can play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder.
I can play the really shitty singer who gets kicked out of the studio while recording *cough Keith Moon cough*
Those are some cool pets... what are those funny horsey capes supposed to be for?
Horse rugs? for keeping them warm.
Aww. Sorry for teh stupid question, only experience with horses was a 5 minute ride when I was a wee kid.
It isn't a stupid question. It's winter, it's cold, so we put rugs on to keep them warmer. Also means they grow a slightly lighter winter coat so there is less to shed come Spring.
:lmao: no, it doesn't work with an Aussie accent :p