Post Your Voice or Video Thread

I've maxed out....and am going to have to turn off everything in the house I think......
well... i've already made a tit of myself in front of the youtube world, whats a few more. over at the Infinite Oath. people are reciting the oath of the Green Lanterns Corps. Here's my entry.

You need an amp that goes to eleven.

Admittedly cheap arse netbooks aren't exactly known for their wonderful sound quality.

Yes, rick, please AGAIN!
"She has got quite a nice bottom...I said that out loud didn't I" - :jc:

My video recording skills suck monumentally and I made this at the end of a long tiring day, but nevermind, here be me:

Sorry about that 'thump' at the start, but I accidentally whacked my book down on the desk just as I started recording. LOL FAIL. :lol: