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Poster of next Batman


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Feb 18, 2004

:shock: I hope this is real!
Sorry mate, It's just fanart. The original from the movie "The Man Who Laughs" can be seen here:

I guess you're right. :(

It's still a damn good poster!
Yeah, I agree, great rendition of that, I was hoping for the real thing. :|

Gonna see what this "The Man Who Laughs" is about...
Damn scary.... imagine that right infront of your bed!!!! weak up after a nightmare, see that poster...and..........in the hospital!!!
It looks creepy :unsure:
Its amazing how much better the guy looks with his hair curly and falling down his face then that I-put-my-finger-in-an-electrical-outlet ordeal.
I think this is all coming out of the rumours of a movie rendition of the 'Dark Knight Returns' comic. The comic is by Frank Miller (the same guy who did the Sin City series). It would be absolutely brilliant if it were made into a movie, but I doubt a 2 hour version would do it justice.

In my opinion 'Dark Knight Returns' is the second greatest comics of all time, surpased only by Alan Moore's 'Watchmen'.
The latest batman flick pretty much followed the "Batman: year one" story arc. Assuming it carries on, the sequel to that was called "Batman: The man who laughs". Which is, as mentioned, the same name as the film where that picture is from. Apparently, the character of that movie was the inspiration for "The Joker"