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Posting last listened song info in post

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Dec 7, 2004
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Hi guys,
This is probably gonna make me seem real stupid but here goes anyway:
Seen a lot of people with a bit at bottom of their posts saying what they last listened to. Think it's quite cool, but just wondering, do you all manually type in the song info (after changing font and colour in some cases too) or is there some software that does that automatically.

Searched the forums for an answer to this, couldn't find it. Maybe I'm blind...


Overheat was the one doing it for a while with orange text at the bottom of his posts. My guess is that he had a plugin or program that was doing it, but he coulda been manually typing it I guess.

As for the image in my sig, it's done via www.gerpok.com :)
Thanks Viper. I was wondering if perhaps there was a program/plugin for it as MSN 7 can now do the same thing, but it needs to put a plug-in into the WMP software, and only works with WMP... as far as I know.

Will give gerpok a try! Cheers! :thumbsup:
Gerpok works with Winamp, WMP, iTunes for Mac, and Foobar I believe.
Yep, so it seems:
About Gerpok:

Gerpok.com provides dynamic now playing images for Foobar2000, iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, XMMS, and other media players. We also keep a play history of how many times you've listened to each artist and song. The most popular artists and songs are computed based on the site-wide totals.

iTunes for Mac only (OSX, so I won't be able to use it on my old Powerbook... :( ) and Windows Media Player, 9+ :D (I'm sticking to WMP9 as I didn't get along with 10)

Registering now, expect to see me using it soon. Anything to distract me from my coursework! :p

Thanks again Viper!

/Edit - Woohoo... working! Now to play with settings a little! :D
No problem.

Oh, and when configuring your image, make sure to set a background color (even if you don't use a solid background) as it'll make your image look better. ;)
^ thats some useful info, might add it to my sig, thnx viper :thumbup:

[edit] seems to consume a bit of my memory :?
pdanev: the plugin? What media player are you using?
im using winamp and i always have it minimized next to the clock so it hardly eats anything, but after i installed and enabled the plugin it was consuming 4-5times more :? well, actually its not that big a deal, but i get paranoid when it comes to memory usage and alway like to run as less things as possible :)

but anyway, now that i have rotating signature (thnx again) im doing fine without the plugin for displaying songs ;)
i'm trying to sign up for gerpok but can't find n e sign up page:(
i'm trying to sign up for gerpok but can't find n e sign up page:(
Don't bump 2 year old posts just to say basically nothing. :mad:

Gerpok is closed for new users until v3 of the site comes out. Read their news.

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