Never tried this as such, I mean as a Brit I've definitely had chip/fries with gravy or I would've been banished but I'm not sure about the curds. Everything else looks fantastic.

Your homemade chips (they're too thick to be fries :razz:) look beautiful by the way.
By posting an abomination, Chris reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago in Gangnam, Seoul, SK :

Another Italian Poutine night.

This time using store made sauce, but I added 2 Merguez sausages to my portion.

Sauce was not as good as our homemade one taste wise, but the texture was better (more homogeneous).


Kinda back to school tradition I started 2 years ago with my older daughter, go have lunch at our favorite poutine restaurant after one of the 2 first half day at school.

First time we coupled that with a motorcycle ride, this time we went by car since the 4 of us were going.

I had the "Royale". Pulled pork, bacon and apples.

It was delicious.


My wife had the South West. Bacon, red onions, guacamole, onion rings & Chipotle sauce

She could not finish it, here's what was left on her plate.

Found a little poutine food truck in Hawaii called Just Put In, run by a Canadian couple. They've since closed (casualty of the pandemic), but they had a fusion loco moco poutine called "Loco Poutine".

Imagine poutine...topped with a mushroom/onion gravy glazed ground beef patty, topped with a fried egg.


You could also get it with tots instead of fries.

That one was a daily special that was basically the special every day, but then they also had a few regular menu variations:
Don't they look amazing?! That's why I had to ask how they got 'em that way.

OK, I'm curious now. What are everyone's definition of various ways to fry potatoes around the world?

If this is a derail, I can move to this the general food thread. :)

For me...

Potato Chips:
View attachment 3557312

Fries (due to the herbs, these are "fancy"):
View attachment 3557313

Frites - same as above but wrapped in a conical paper and comes standard with delicious creamy sauces ?
View attachment 3557314

Steak Fries:
View attachment 3557315

Potato Wedges
View attachment 3557316

Waffle Fries:
View attachment 3557322

I would agree with most of those definitions, except for the first two. To me, they are both "fries". Additionally, any time I've ordered "steak frites", the fries served with it are always as skinny as the ones you list as "fries", sometimes even skinnier.

You're also missing crinkle cut and seasoned curly (which are just as valid/common as waffle...although I'll admit the crinkle are likely the worst of the bunch).
I found a currywurst place *near* me (I have to drive 40mi/60ish kms to Chicago!) Maybe there's a Poutine supplier here.
It's been ages since I've had poutine and this thread is giving me serious cravings.
it's been a while since I ate poutine, remind me again why did I visit this thread.
Tried a new Poutine restaurant tonight.

The kids had the Hotdog one, my wife had the Hambourg, I had the Lisboa.

It was delicious.

I bet the Lisboa was underseasoned.
Is it as spectacular as I'd expect?
Is it as spectacular as I'd expect?
Forgot to reply, it was ok, definitely not spectacular.

I'll continue enjoying both of these delicacies on their own.

Went back to "La Banquise" last weekend, they still make my favorite one even though it hasn't been on the menu for a few years now.

It kinda makes you feel special ordering something not on the menu 😂