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Power Lap times


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May 20, 2004
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*Viper Edit* - They just added it to the site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/topgear/powerlaps/

Just thought I'd share this.

As I couldn't find it anywhere on the Top Gear web site, I made my own (using the simple expedient of fast forwarding through the last series).

White or Black indicates the Stig Type. They are definately different drivers, White seems more aggressive.

Updated 02/08/05 (or 08/02/05 for those of American persuasion) with the BMW 535d from episode 10 of 6th Series

Car...                                Time   Wet? Driver   SxEp 

Sea Harrier FA2                       0.31.2      Navy     3x3
Renault F1                            0.59.0      White    5x8

Aston Martin DBR9                     1.08.6      White    6x6
Maserati MC12                         1.18.9      white    6x2
Ferrari Enzo                          1.19.0      White    5x2
Ariel Atom                            1.19.5      White    5x9
Radical SR3                           1.19.8      Black    1x9
Carrera GT                            1.19.8      White    4x4
McMerc                                1.20.9      White    4x2
Ford GT                               1.21.9      White    4x8
Ferrari 360 CS                        1.22.3      White    4x3
GT3 RS                                1.22.3      White    4x3
Westfield XTR2                        1.22.6      Black    1x3
Ferrari F430                          1.22.9      White    6x8
Ferrari F430 spyder                   1.23.2      white    6x8
Murcielago                            1.23.7      White    3x4
Zonda                                 1.23.8      Black 
Kooennoennioeggoennnisssoeuggooueeng  1.23.9      Black    2x7 
Ariel R400                            1.24.0      Black
TVR Sagaris                           1.24.6      White    6x7 
TVR Tuscan 2                          1.24.8      White    5x3
EVO FQ 400                            1.24.8      White    5x7
Noble 3.0                             1.25        Black 
Caterham R400                         1.25.0      Black 
Lambo Gallardo                        1.25.8  W   White    3x4 
Morgan Aero 8 GTN                     1.25.9      White    5x5
EVO VIII MR FQ 320                    1.26        White    4x4
BMW M5                                1.26.2      White    6x9
Lotus Exige                           1.26.4      White    4x1
Ferrari 575 (GTC Handling pack)       1.26.8      White    5x4
Corvette                              1.26.8      White    4x10
Merc CLS 55 AMG                       1.26.9      White    6x1
Vanquish S                            1.27.1      White    5x4  
911 GT3                               1.27.2  W   White    3x1
Spyker C8                             1.27.3      White    4x7
TVR 350C                              1.27.5      Black
Wiesman                               1.27.9      White    6x3 
M3 CSL                                1.28    W   White    3x2
MTM Bimoto                            1.28        Black    1x10
Lotus Elise Sport 190                 1.28.2      Black
Dodge SRT10 (VIPER)                   1.28.5  W   White    5x3
MG SV                                 1.28.6      White    3x7
New Boxter                            1.28.7      white    5x7
Porsche 911S (997)                    1.28.9  W   White    5x1
Mitsubishi EVO VIII                   1.28.9      Black 
BMW 645Ci                             1.28.?      White    4x5
Murcielago                            1.29.0  W   Black
Merc CL65                             1.29.0      White    4x9
Alpina Z8                             1.29        Black    2x3
ASONE                                 1.29        Black    1x10
Impreza Sti WRX WR-1                  1.29.4      White    4x4
Alfa 3.7 GTA                          1.30        White 
Impreza STi                           1.30.1      Black 
Aston DB7GT                           1.30.4      Black    2x4
Audi S4                               1.30.9      Black 
911 Turbo                             1.31.0  W   Black 
Vauxhall VX Turbo                     1.31.3      Black
NSX Type R                            1.31.6  W   White    3x9
BMW 535d                              1.31.8      White    6x10 
Mazda RX8                             1.31.8      White    3x5 
BMW M3                                1.31.8      Black 
Nissan 350Z                           1.31.8      White 
Focus RS                              1.32.2      Black 
Esprit V8                             1.32.5      Black 
TT V6                                 1.32.7      White    3x8
Honda Civic Type R                    1.32.8      White    5x9
Jaguar E-Type                         1.32.8      White    6x5  
New SLK                               1.32.9      White    5x7
Seat Leon Cupra                       1.32.9      White    5x6
Vauxhall Astra VXR                    1.33.0      White    6x9
Noble                                 1.33.1  W   Black    
SL AMG 55                             1.33.2  W   Black    1x6
Golf R32                              1.33.3      Black
Cadillac CTS-V                        1.33.4  W   White    6x4
VW Golf GTi                           1.33.7      White    5x6
Clio Cup                              1.33.8      White    4x6
Focus RS                              1.33.8      Black    1x2 
Loser (Holden)                        1.33.9  W   White    3x6
Renault Megane 225                    1.34.0      White    5x6
Mini S Works                          1.34.2      White    5x6
MG ZT 260                             1.35.0      White    4x5
S60R                                  1.35        Black    2x9
Ferrari 575                           1.35.2  W   Black    1x4
Alfa 147GTA                           1.35.6      Black 
Lotus Elise 111S                      1.35.6  W   Black
Citroen C4 VTS                        1.35.8      White    5x6
Aston Vanq                            1.36.2  W   Black    1x4
Clio V6                               1.36.2  W   Black 
Civic Type R                          1.36.5      Black 
Saab 9-5 HOT AERO                     1.37.9      White    3x3
Honda Civic Type-R                    1.38.06     Black    1x2
Mazzer                                1.38.6  W   Black
Subaru Impreza WRX                    1.39        Black    1x2 
Bowler                                1.39.4      Black    2x1  
Bentley Arnage                        1.40.8      Black    1x5
James May's used Porsche 944          1.43        White    5x6 
Hamster's used Porsche 924            1.44        White    5x6
Overfinch                             1.44.0      Black    2x10
JC's used & abused Porsche 928        1.45        White    5x6
Aston Martin DB5                      1.46.0      White    6x5
Well you can use [code] to do monospaced text and then use spaces to bump it. I'll see if I can get it to work for 'ya.

*EDIT* - There we go. :)
Bu@@er, That was quick...

 with an HTML table, but it just spouted the source code...

Still not sure exactly what you did, but thanks muchly.
 with a bunch of spaces. I did it in notepad. ;)
Re: Power Lap times

imillman said:
Also I've just realised that the Radical is not there anymore

I noticed that too, anybody knows why?

they wanted to keep real cars there, cars that arent made strictly to go fast round a track, they had to have a roof, some luggage space and some sort of daily driver practicality, radio, air conditioner.

non of those radicals, and other small race cars have them.
MMMMMM, Sea Harrier
Roof - CHECK
Luggage Space - (If luggage = missiles, rockets, etc) CHECK
Daily Driver - erm, well, ...
Radio -CHECK (That was an easy one)
Air Con - CHECK, I guess.

Yup, fits the bill perfectly (NOT :wink: )
Good job with the list!
Good job. You spelt the KOOENNOENNIOEGGOENNNISSSOEUGGOOUEENG exactly like they did on the show. (I posted a screenshot of it here awhile back.)
The "Niceness" of the list is down to Mr. Viper007Bond
, I just got the data (It wasn't so nice to start with).

Tonight I'm going to look for the missing cars...

Radical, Westfield XTR2, ASONE, that twin engined MTM Audi TT thingy and anymore I can find.
heres my little contribution from track day rundown:

black stig, sun, dry track

lotus elise sport 190 1.28.2
caterham R400 1.25.0
ariel r400 1.24.0
radical sr3 1.19.8
westfiled xtr2 1.23.2
I'm too lazy to. I have mods for a reason. ;)
i would think that you create the list, you update it. i update my own TG list.
:lol: The owner of this thread can also post an updated version as well. ;)
Viper007Bond said:
 with a bunch of spaces. I did it in notepad. ;)[/quote]

erm I can't seem to put the new ones aligned with the old ones  :?