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Preview: Peugeot 207


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
The French obviously don't know the English phrase "at sixes and sevens". If they did, Peugeot wouldn't have preceded the unveiling of its new 207 with a film featuring graphics of flashing and floating sixes and sevens merging into one.

However, the film might actually be a fitting metaphor for the new model, which Peugeot says, doesn't replace the 206 but succeeds it. As one meaning for succeed, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is "to take the place previously filled by", consumers might understandably be a little confused by the 206 and 207 rubbing fenders on the forecourts when the latter goes on sale in early summer. The 206 will continue in production for the foreseeable future, says Peugeot, as a stop-gap in its small-car range between the tiny 107 and this new 207.

It's easy to see why Peugeot is reluctant to let go of the 206, however: it's been the company's best-selling model ever, with over 5.3m produced since launch in 1998. So what's different about its 207 replacement - sorry, successor?

read more here: http://www.channel4.com/4car/feature/preview/2006/peugeot/207.html


those headlights are huge!

Man, I'm thirsty. Anyone got any Evian?
I really like the outside but the dash is really boring, and im guessing those pictures are from the most expensive one so i cant imagine how boring the cheap ones are going to look like on the inside.
mmm the RC will look awesome though! I wonder what will happen when they get to the 209?
jensked said:
Well if you can get so many bottles of water in such a small car, think of how many beer would fit in.

A toyota Yaris Verso is ideal to transport beer. I once transported 25 containers of beer in that car (25 x 24 beers = 600 bottles of Belgium's finest ;-))


You'll get the same amount in an Opel Corsa B (single seater then :) )

Not much surprises with the 207, still didn't get used to the current Peugeot grille which is too big in my opinion.
It's beginning to look a bit like Ronald McDonald now.
makes you think if that water should have been put to better use.........washing a better car. :D
mautzel said:
Peugeot grille which is too big in my opinion.


didn't even notice that, but once you have, you can't look next to it, you can drown in there
That ugly piece of grill + ugly black bumpers ruins it. Why o why ,, They could just rework the frontend a bit and it would be great.
man the back looks amazing! the front is aggressive, all in all me likes, the interior on the other hand...:no:
Still, they have failed to wipe that stupid smile off its face. Fail.
Looks as disgusting as the normal 207.

PS. Necrothread. Nice.
Hey facelift. I like it as usual. Good they got rid of the old rear lights that made me think of the picture that shall not be posted.